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Chimney Swifts

Chimney swifts are well-known throughout eastern and mid-western North America. They are small brown-gray birds, seldom more than 13 centimeters in length, and have long, pointed, narrow wings. Their distinctive bow and arrow silhouette makes them easy to identify. The swifts possess a very irregular flying style which makes viewing their graceful aerobatics a beautiful sight.

In addition to this flying style, one will seldom see a swift resting on a branch because their tiny feet are not well adapted to perching, so they remain in flight from the moment they leave their roosting place in the morning until their return at dusk.

The swifts can be seen in Middleton putting on a show at the Middleton Regional High School. The best time to view the spectacular display is around dusk Mid-May to Mid-August when up to 500 swifts can be seen entering the big chimney at 18 Gates Ave.

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Cottage Cove Provincial Park

Cottage cove is a picnic park overlooking the Bay of Fundy, offering relief  from the heat of the Valley and an interesting walk along the rocky shore where you can explore the area's wildlife, including bird watching.  One of few public access points to the Bay of Fundy along this stretch of coastline. Located 13 km (8 mi) northwest of Middleton.

2 Mins by car from Edelweiss Inn, 20 Mins on foot.

Dogs allowed

Cottage Cove | Nova Scotia Parks

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